3 Tips For Your Next Grant Application

January 20, 2020  |  Written By: Jacob Caggiano


Going for a grant is a huge undertaking, so anything you can do to increase your odds will make a big difference. Here are three things we always do to help our clients win their next award:

1. Reach out

It’s okay to be nervous and feel like you’re overstepping your boundaries, but it’s worse to miss out on the opportunity to make an early good impression. 

Get to know the decision makers and find some gentle ways to put a bug in their ear so they recognize you when reading your proposal.

  • Conferences
  • Email
  • Phone Call or Voicemail (be careful, but yes it can work)
  • LinkedIn (comment on a mutual connection’s post, for example)
  • Other influencers and connections in their circle
  • Other partners and collaborators (like us!)


Whatever you do, don’t make it all about you. Be an active listener and understand the impact that they’re trying to make with the grant, and the challenges they’re facing.

2. Don’t Fudge the Budget


You may think writing your narrative is the hardest part, but it’s often the budget that gets you. Take the time to work it out. Be detailed, honest, and realistic. Grant reviewers can smell baloney a mile away, it’s their job, they’ll know if you make something up or ask for too much cash.

3. Prove Your Metrics


What’s harder than writing a grant? Reporting on the grant after you spent all their money. Make sure you have a plan to measure your success, or failure for that matter. Your application will stand out from the rest if you’re on top of your metrics. Just make sure you can pass the “so what” test.

Does That Help a Little?


Need more assistance? Follow Tip #1 – Reach Out! 


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