PlanIT Geo™ Celebrates GIS Day 2020!

Birds eye view of a beautiful lush town and hills at sunset. GIS Day 2020 Celebrate with PlanIT Geo

November 18, 2020 | Written by Carrie Asselmeier


Happy GIS Day! GIS or Geographic Information Systems like ArcGIS, according to its creator Esri, are a framework for analyzing, visualizing, and managing geographical data.


At PlanIT Geo™, the Geospatial Services team utilizes ArcGIS in our everyday activities to analyze, map, and manage tree canopy, prioritization, and planting data. 

GIS and Urban Forestry Consulting

But, it’s not only the Geospatial Services team that harnesses the awesome capabilities of GIS. This past week, a few of us from PlanIT Geo conducted a webinar that went into depth of how the whole PlanIT Geo team uses GIS in our everyday urban forestry consulting activities. Maegan Blansett from our Geospatial Mapping Services Team, Rocky Yosek from our Tree Inventory and Assessments Team, and Abel De La Mora from our TreePlotter™ Software Team discussed how GIS brings our whole company together on a daily basis. 

Happy GIS Day with events around the globe. World map with blue points.
Screenshot of TreePlotter™ CANOPY with title, Customized Applications, and text, GIS is for everyone
Screenshot of TreePlotter™ INVENTORY software with presenters faces, Abel De La Mora, Rocky Yosek, and Maegan Blansett

Celebrating GIS Professionals

GIS Day is celebrated around the country and around the world to recognize the amazing accomplishments of GIS professionals and students, tackling a range of relevant topics such as COVID19 tracking, forestry, urban planning, and conservation to name a few.


PlanIT Geo contributed a map of tree canopy change in downtown Denver to the map gallery for this year’s GIS Day celebration with the University of Colorado, Boulder. Check out the exciting GIS day events happening around the world today and this week through Esri’s GIS Day webpage.

5 Arrow infographic describing the process of completing an urban tree canopy assessment
Satellite image of Downtown Denver highlighting the urban tree canopy change from 2014-2017

GIS is the Foundation

GIS contributes to cities, communities, and the world by putting data into easy to understand visuals and allows those communities to put that data into action. PlanIT Geo has provided numerous urban tree canopy assessments, tree inventories, urban forest management plans, and urban forestry software to clients around the world using GIS as our backbone, GIS is the foundation of everything we do. At PlanIT Geo, every day is GIS day!

PlanIT Geo supports clients around the world using GIS as our backbone, GIS is the foundation of everything we do.

Will Ferrell blowing into a shell with text GIS Team Assemble

Celebrate GIS Day 2020 with us today! Join in with some of the activities mentioned above and click below to view our GIS Day 2020 Webinar below.

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