Connecting Continents: Urban Forestry

No matter where your travels take you, on every corner of the globe you will find people who love trees and are passionate about caring for them. With economic globalization and urban footprints densifying, it is more critical than ever to learn as much as we can from other cultures to create vibrant, livable cities with green spaces for future generations.


 PlanIT Geo™ has been building bridges around the world in an effort to broaden our expertise in the field of urban forestry. Our CEO and Founder,  Ian Hanou has traveled to Canada, the UK, and Australia to forge new urban forestry partnerships, and we’re proud to have software distributors now on every continent. As Ian embarks on the company’s first tour of Asia, we are excited to connect with professionals at conferences and hands-on workshops to advance our industry knowledge and cultivate new relationships. 

Throughout Ian’s career, he has created friendships, partnerships, and shared experiences with cutting edge urban forestry experts. He brings back new knowledge about standards, technology, and management strategies utilized by different entities in diverse regions of the world. These experiences stem from a common interest and desire to make an impact in arboriculture and urban forestry. Engaging with like-minded professionals interested in achieving the common goals and practices, while emerging yourself in a new and beautiful culture is invigorating and inspiring. When returning home, it brings a unique perspective to your work and purpose.

Here at PlanIT Geo, we have been preparing for this international learning experience by working with dedicated, patient, and entrepreneurial partners. We strive to share new strategies, practices and common themes that continue to connect continents through urban forestry. 


Ian Hanou will be presenting at two conferences:

 CUGE 9th Regional Arboriculture Seminar organized by National Parks Board


Hong Kong ISA AnnualConference


In addition; meetings, seminars, and workshops in Singapore, Hong Kong,  TaiPei and Tainan will give Ian an opportunity to learn from Asian experts and for participants to take the leading tree management software,  TreePlotter INVENTORY, for a test drive as they learn about innovative technology and practices being used in the US. 

We have so much appreciation for the coordination of these opportunities and sharing platforms from our hosts and partners.

Everyone at PlanIT Geo will share the knowledge and inspiration gained during this exciting trip. Here’s to safe travel and talking trees in every language! 


Special thanks to:

Ghim Yee Boo of ArbSolutions Asia

Nelson Li of TreeGarden

Kingsley CHOI

Stay connected with Ian and PlanIT Geo on social media to read follow up articles and join us on this exciting Asian adventure.

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