GLRI Grants: Don’t Have Time? We Do

Great Lakes Grant Opportunities. GLRI 2020 Forested background with wood cabins on the edge of Lake Superior.

May 24, 2020  |  Maegan Blansett

PlanIT Geo™ can help get your Great Lakes grant project funded, planned, and implemented – Thanks to an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency, the USDA Forest Service is anticipating up to $4.2 million in federal funding this year (FY2020) for projects that protect and restore the Great Lakes ecosystem. These funds will be made available via grants offered through The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


Projects must fall into one of four categories relating to tree canopy and water quality and must be located within the Great Lake watershed in states of IL, IN, MN, NY, PA, and WI. Eligible applicants include state agencies, local governments, tribal communities, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.


The grant application deadline is quickly approaching (June 26, 2020) and  PlanIT Geo™ can help!

A clear blue sky day along the water's edge of Lake Superior with Autumn colored forest. Great Lakes grant opportunities 2020

We have provided relevant urban forestry expertise to many similar clients in this region and have a wealth of experience helping organizations win grants, especially when there’s a tight deadline. Some of our past Great Lakes region projects include: 


Valuation of the cost of forest pathogens in Milwaukee and an assessment of urban tree canopy in Grand Rapids. We have also contributed to many hydrology-focused projects, such as the South Platte Watershed Natural Capital Resource Assessment and Puget Sound Urban Tree Canopy and Stormwater Management report.

Zoomed in map showing the Great Lakes Watershed and cities where PlanIT Geo has completed projects. Supporting Great Lakes grant opportunities for 2020
Map of PlanIT Geo's projects in the Great Lakes Region.
Lush green urban forest of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan shoreline with boats in a marina on a blue sky summer day.
Milwaukee's urban tree canopy along Lake Michigan.

Great Lakes grant applications are due June 26th, so don’t hesitate! View our full announcement and contact us today to discuss how we can support your Great Lakes region tree canopy project.

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