Happy GIS Day

What do a smiley face made of tree data, a peace sign in a lake, and a Sasquatch made of corn

have in common?


They’re all examples of things you might find while performing QA/QC on our spatial datasets.


In honor of GIS day today, we wanted to share some of these interesting snapshots with you.


The Geospatial Mapping Services team at PlanIT Geo™ works with GIS every day as part of our urban tree canopy assessment projects. Before creating our beautiful maps and reports for our assessments, the grunt work must be done!


Quality control of our derived tree canopy and land cover data is essential for maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Occasionally we run into some fun things in the imagery and data that spice up our days of doing QC!

On GIS Day 2019

we invite you to explore a few of our recent projects and check out how we use GIS technology every day to support our clients and their communities.

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