Diverse Forestry Funding

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Get inspired with these stories and examples of how various activities result in improved sustained funding. Explore each category below to learn more:

Established Tools and Methods

Creative and Emerging Tools and Methods

Other Side of the Coin: Can you spend it?


PlanIT Geo™ CEO and Founder, Ian Hanou's 2021 letter from the company

Established Tools and Methods

Data Analysis

Grand Junction, CO

TreePlotter CANOPY app

Root for Your Ash


Plans and Surveys

Colorado Springs, CO

UFMP News Story

Fremont, CA

UFMP Website

Public Survey Results


Special Districts

Claremont, CA

The majority of the urban forestry budget comes from Landscape and Lighting District funds. See 2022 budget, page 185



City of Fairfax, VA

The City completed a program evaluation in 2021 (a pre-UFMP step) and is funding it’s first urban forester through it’s Stormwater Utility Fund (see page 5). There is additional information on the FY 2023 Adopted Budget, page 49.

At the county level, there is a proposal to allow commercial developers to plant into the ROW when they can’t fit trees within the property, while still counting towards canopy requirements. This often results in a larger planting pit.

Madison, WI

Madison adopted an Urban Forestry Special Charge that is collected as part of the municipal services bill issued monthly by the Madison Water Utility. The 2022 rate is $6.14 per residential household per month and the total estimated annual revenue is almost $6 million.

Lancaster, PA

In 2022, the City changed the funding for the salaries of their Tree Crew. Previously, Tree Crew staff were funded through the General Fund, but now these expenses (~$174k) have been moved to the Stormwater Management Fund as the City’s tree program is an integral part of the City’s overall stormwater management program. Also, expenses for repair and maintenance of tree equipment (chipper), contract services (tub grinder), membership dues, training (conferences), supplies (pesticides, tree stakes, etc.), events (Arbor Day), and overtime to respond to emergency call-ins for fallen trees are being moved to the Stormwater Management Fund.

2022 Proposed Budget (pages 161 and 169)

Lancaster Stormwater Fees


Creative and Emerging Tools and Methods


Trees Fresno gets free space for its messages on an electronic billboard whenever it is not being used for paid advertising.

Many football programs and corporate partners donate money for tree plantings for every touchdown or first down, including the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts.


Carbon Credits

City Forest Credits, a nonprofit urban forest carbon registry 

Trees Forever, a nonprofit utilizing carbon credits

News story on $1 million urban forest carbon credit sale

2011 Urban Forestry and Urban Greening article on the quality of urban forest carbon credits



Other Side of the Coin: Can you spend it?

Example of Cooperative Language in one of our contracts

“COOPERATIVE PURCHASING: The Washington State Inter-local Cooperation Act, Ch. 39.34 RCW, authorizes public agencies to cooperatively purchase goods and services if all parties agree. By having executed this Agreement, the Contractor agrees that other public agencies may purchase goods and services under this solicitation or contract at their own cost and without the City incurring any financial or legal liability for such purchases. The City agrees to allow other public agencies to purchase goods and services under this solicitation or contract, provided that the City is not held financially or legally liable for purchases and that any public agency purchasing under such solicitation or contract file a copy of this invitation and such contract in accordance with RCW 39.34.040.”

Tree Equity Catalyst Fund

American Forests

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