More Than Just Trees…

happy man wearing flannel shirt sitting in a tree

by Jacob Caggiano

Yeah I’m a tree hugger, is that so bad?


Hi everyone – it’s a true honor to be the newest member of the PlanIT Geo™ family.


At last, we’re finally catching on…we can no longer ignore the trees around us as ornamental sidewalk decorations.


We have science to prove that a well planned urban forest means lower crime, cleaner air, less noise, less flooding, lower energy bills, better climate resilience, fresher water, higher life satisfaction, more play, better connections with our neighbors, and even a free outdoor gym if you like to climb like me!

man in red hat and sunglasses with a girl in sunglasses in front of a mountain view
Enjoying the great outdoors with my sweetheart

That’s all good, but what happens when two-thirds of the entire global population are living in cities?


Our ability to thrive together while maintaining healthy biodiversity is critical, and we’re starting to see some progress:


The #teamtrees movement across YouTube and social media will bring us 20 million new trees for 2020. Ethiopia took the world by storm by planting over 350 million trees in just 12 hours! The UN has announced a plan to support the greening of 90 cities in 30 countries over the next decade.

hand holding a small sea turtle being cleaned with a pink toothbrush
Let’s take good care of each other

Now it’s your turn:


What’s your vision for the trees that we all depend on?


How would you like to work together?


Let’s make it happen! I’d love to hear from you.

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