More Time in the Trees and Less in the Weeds

TreePlotter™ JOS updates and new features: Quickbooks integrations, add tree images, and customizable price catalog. An orange "Tree Work Ahead" sign in the forefront of a city street.

July 31, 2020 | Written by Elizabeth Schulte


TreePlotter™ JOBS is a software platform designed for arborists, by arborists, to DO WORK and do it fast. The last thing anyone wants to do is perform tedious administrative tasks, let alone multiple times. We picked out our three favorite features in JOBS (at least for now, because we are always working on adding and improving features to make it the best experience for the user).


These features will guarantee you more time in the trees and less in the weeds.

Configurable Price Catalog

The Configurable Price Catalog is more than a feature, this is the backbone of building fast and consistent estimates no matter who is bidding on the job. Building out your pricing catalog will save you time and provide clear and consistent estimates for your customers. We know not everyone bids out their jobs the same way, so we created the catalog to be customizable, so it works for you. 


You can build different categories of work and work tasks within those categories. There are three different types of work tasks in the catalog, each with their own rates, that can be combined to create an estimate for the client.

Short gif of the TreePlotter™ JOBS app showing how to configure your personal price catalog.

Hourly Rate 

Tasks are priced based on an Hourly Rate, pretty straight forward. 


Variable Rate

Tasks are priced based on a Tree’s DBH or Height. This feature is excellent for PHC (Plant Health Care) operations. All you need to do is punch in the height or DBH and the cost is automatically calculated based on the rate you have set in the price catalog.


Flat Rate

Tasks have one Flat Rate price, such as a dumping or permit fee.

Add Multiple Tree Photos

This one is a no-brainer and should come with any software when you are inventorying trees. You can upload images from your library or snap a pic with your phone. All of your images are accessible in the Manage Photos screen and in the tree details over time. The ability to display images over time is great for before and after images of a pruning job, catalog assessments to injuries over time, or to help clients understand the importance of long-term tree care.

Sometimes it can be tough to keep the customer engaged over the years, but if you can snap an image of the tree over the course of a couple of years, you have instant proof that the treatments you are using work. Because of our expertise and interest in trees (and software), we want to provide you with the best tool to perform the best work. 


We will be taking TreePlotter JOBS a step further to include videos, allowing you even more opportunity to document the value of your work proposed and performed.

Short gif showing the app TreePlotter™ JOBS feature of how to add a tree image.

Quickbooks Integration

Almost every tree care company you run into uses Quickbooks, and I mean, why wouldn’t you? We use it too because it is an easy-to-use product serving the needs of the customer. This integration eliminates the back and forth, duplicates, or, worst of all, missing an invoice.


When you connect your Quickbooks Online account with TreePlotter JOBS, your workflow will look something like this:

Short GIF in the TreePlotter JOBS app showing how to integrate your Quickbooks online account.
  1. Create a killer map-based estimate that your client will approve with ease.
  2. Once work is approved, you create your work order, and the crew hammers out the work.
  3. When all of the work order tasks are complete, the option to “create invoice” becomes available in JOBS, and with one click the invoice will automatically be sent to your Quickbooks account. DONE! 


We talked to hundreds of arborists about what could make their work more efficient and this was the most frequent request, so we got to work.

From now until November 1, 2020, PlanIT Geo™ is providing JOBS free of charge so you can try it out for a few months and let us know what you like or what you would like to see built next.

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