Nearmap Imagery in TreePlotter™ Apps

nearmap imagery in your treeplotter app

July 31, 2020

Who wants better imagery resolution in your apps?

PlanIT Geo™ is now offering nearmap imagery in TreePlotter™ INVENTORY and PARKS apps.

We’re excited to talk about some awesome new imagery in our TreePlotter applications from  Nearmap, Australian imagery and location data company. Their imagery is frequently updated, has very high resolution, and as of today, our TreePlotter INVENTORY and PARKS demo applications showcase this newly available imagery. Some areas of the United States and Canada are surveyed two and three times a year, including vertical, oblique, and 3D. 


Currently a few of our clients have added this imagery option to their applications, such as Gawler Council, Independent Arb, Melbourne Tree Care, and San Francisco International Airport.

NearMap-Imagery Examples of a neighborhood, state capital building, highway system, and before and after storm damage.

If you’re curious to see how their imagery compares to other imagery options available in our application, check out TreePlotter INVENTORY Demo App or PARKS Demo App and turn on ‘Nearmap Imagery’ located at the bottom of the legend. If you switch the base map to either ESRI or OpenStreetMap while NearMap is on you will be able to zoom in much closer.

screenshot of map choices in TreePlotter Software. Nearmap imagery is selected.

Explore nearmap imagery in TreePlotter INVENTORY now

Explore Nearmap imagery now
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