SEED Arboriculture Case Study

December 15, 2020 | Written by Theri Reichlin


This case study offers clear solutions for small consultancies looking to accelerate their effectiveness when producing tree survey schedules and reports which align with the BS5837 guidelines.


Interviewed for this case study was Sam Hobson, founder and Director of SEED Arboriculture, a small consultancy located in Cheshire, United Kingdom looking to expand their firm and provide top-tier outcomes for clients.

Sam gives insight on his experience using TreePlotter™ and how it helped him minimize survey preparation and data editing time in the office.


With the data instantly available live, there is virtually no time needed to download and upload data from devices, allowing him to spend more time out on-site or grow his clientele. He also was able to implement the software quickly because of its user-friendly interface and the supportive helpdesk.

This case study puts forward TreePlotter’s efficiencies and how he implements the technology for arboriculture projects.

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