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February 14, 2020 | Written By: Elizabeth Schulte


Municipal tree managers, non-profits, and private tree care companies are sharing the tree love with their communities and interest groups online and through social media. The TreePlotter™ Software Suite  is a powerful resource that supports the practice of sharing your data and showing off your trees. Keep your community and clients informed about your urban forest and continue making your city more livable and lovable every day!


Many features in TreePlotter offer the opportunity for users to show how much they love their trees:


Showcasing your TreePlotter application on your website is the best way to share the tree love. Check out how a few of our clients creatively share data about their urban forest with their communities.

The Canopy TreePlotter app is a collaboration between Canopy, the City of Palo Alto, and anyone who wants to contribute! They have a custom landing page that highlights ecosystem benefits and the crowdsourcing module that gives the community members the opportunity to add trees to their inventory.  Canopy has specific, annual programs that engage volunteers, their Great Oak Count, and their Young Tree Care Survey.


The city of Tacoma, WA has shown that they prioritize their urban forest and value the input of their constituents by working with PlanIT Geo™ to implement an urban forest management plan website. This website highlights their TreePlotter INVENTORY application, resources to community meetings, the components of their management plan and much more.

The city of Jacksonville, FL leveraged their TreePlotter™ CANOPY app  to encourage community members to interact with their urban forest.  The tree tracker is an engaging way to see how many trees have been planted to increase their canopy cover. TreePlotter CANOPY makes it simple to create maps and reports to achieve your tree canopy goals.  Quickly visualize and communicate areas with low canopy and high planting potential, prioritize for planting or preservation, and evaluate tree canopy cover goals and ecosystem services based on i-Tree research.


Iowa City, IA has a custom landing page in their TreePlotter INVENTORY app that highlights the monetary and ecological benefits of their trees and tree locations as well as linking to their Urban Forest Management Plan. 

PlanIT Geo is spreading the tree love on Valentine’s Day and every day! Let’s connect to find out how we can support your urban forestry goals and share the tree love with your community. 

Share the Tree Love
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