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January 10, 2020


TreePlotter™ JOBS Product Released as A New Addition to the TreePlotter™ Software Suite


PlanIt Geo™ has a long-standing reputation for building urban forestry specific software that is web-based and dynamic. They applied this experience to their newest product TreePlotter™ JOBS, created and designed specifically for tree care companies.


(Arvada, Colorado, January 10, 2020) – PlanIT Geo™ has spent the last year building TreePlotter™ JOBS from the ground up, using some of the best available technologies and software design strategies. Often the urban forestry industry is forced to use technology that can be adapted and”will work” for arborists and tree care professionals. Therefore, PlanIT Geo™ has since 2012 focused on building powerful tools to manage trees and assets, now providing four specific products to meet the needs of our target audience; TreePlotter™ INVENTORY, PARKS, JOBS, and CANOPY. To explore our product offerings visit the  TreePlotter™ Software Suite website. 


TreePlotter™ JOBS was designed to help tree care companies to grow their business. Using the power of data visualization in a map setting, enhanced ability to communicate and present recommended tree work to clients and crew members. By leveraging the power of easy to use and intuitive software, users will win more work while improving production efficiencies with modern estimation, scheduling, and work order management.


TreePlotter™ JOBS is perfect for tree care companies that want a tool that will help their team win and execute higher margin work to grow their business. Our product goal for TreePlotter™ JOBS is a belief that the power of visualizing data in a map-based app, will enhance communication and client presentation. Easy to use treemaps also help crews operate more efficiently when they know what work to perform AND where the trees are on site.


PlanIT Geo™ was founded in 2012, headquartered in Arvada, Colorado. The Developers of TreePlotter™ Software Suite, and innovators in GIS and LiDAR for urban tree canopy assessments, i-Tree studies, tree inventories, and management plans. We strive to map the world’s urban forests for a greener future.

Ian Hanou, Founder & CEO of PlanIT Geo™, states that: “
Arborists need better technology now more than ever, and the release of TreePlotter™ JOBS is a major milestone in the evolution of our software suite and company’s vision, Mapping a Greener Future.”

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