Story Map: Explore Your Tree Canopy Data

May 29, 2020 | Carrie Asselmeier

Esri created ArcGIS StoryMaps as a way to explore your tree canopy data in a unique way by integrating maps, images, and text together in one place. At PlanIT Geo™ we use story maps to allow you to interactively scroll through your urban tree canopy assessment, management plan, or inventory data and digest that data in a meaningful way. Story maps are a great tool for communicating the benefits of your urban forest to your community as well.

Scroll through a story map to explore your urban forest data
Story Maps allow you to scroll through and interact with your data

We have created story maps to describe our maps and processes, as well as overall benefits of your urban forest from our


tree canopy assessments,


management plans,


and inventories.


They can also be a deliverable provided with our services to share the benefits of your urban forest with stakeholders and the community.

This map is interactive and shows the different assessments as you scroll
The story map includes an interactive map showing previous urban tree canopy assessments

PlanIT Geo has completed many urban tree canopy assessments across the country. Our Urban Tree Canopy Assessments story map also shows interactively where those projects took place and allows you to explore the data created from those assessments. Want to become one of those featured assessments? Take a look at our UTC Assessments story map and contact us for more information!

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