Talking Trees in Troy, NY

The City of Troy, New York  is dedicated to building a thriving urban and community forest for a healthy and vibrant place to live, work, and play. The more than 10,000 City street and park trees throughout Troy are an asset that brings value and benefits to the community. This resource provides environmental benefits, adds to property values, and contributes to an enhanced quality of life for all of Troy’s residents.  


The City of Troy invested in a collaborative planning process by contracting with PlanIT Geo™ to complete


a comprehensive street and park tree inventory and Community Forest Management Plan.


This project was supported through funding provided by New York State’s Environmental Protection Fund, administered by the Urban and Community Forestry Program within the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Division of Lands and Forests. From May to August 2019, PlanIT Geo’s Certified Arborists conducted an inventory of over 7,000 street trees, nearly 3,000 park trees, and 3,500 potential planting sites using TreePlotter™ INVENTORY.

The information gathered from this project supported the development of the Community Forest Management Plan. The overall goal was to develop a sustainable Community Forestry Program for the preservation and expansion of the community forest to serve the public interest by improving the community’s physical, social, cultural, and economic environment. This effort, led by the City’s Planning Department, Street Tree Advisory Board, and PlanIT Geo, established goals and actions to guide the City’s management of the community forest over the next eight years. 


Learn more about the Troy, New York  urban forest management project though these events:

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