TreePlotter™ May 2020 Feature Update

Arborist in a hard hat and orange vest is collecting data on a city street tree and typing on tablet. TreePlotter™ Software Features and Updates.

June 1, 2020


PlanIT Geo™  arborists and developers are continually working to innovate, optimize, and advance TreePlotter™. We take suggestions from our users and feedback from in-house inventory teams to expand TreePlotter Software Suite, the world’s leading urban forestry software. We are excited to announce the newest features and give you a sneak peek.

A colorful printed report from TreePlotter PARKS. Includes relevant park data and observations with a photograph of the playground structure.

NEW Powerful Printed Reports

Available Now

New reports are now available for: tree inspections, park assets, park inspections, and work history for TreePlotter™ INVENTORY and PARKS applications. Print reports to PDF or share the URL. Ask our support team to help you configure the data fields.

A park bench under a full green mature tree. A sunny afternoon in a quiet park with trees and benches.

Enhanced Eco Benefits Module

In Development

We are currently working on updating our Eco Benefits module to the new ecosystem service calculations from i-Tree. An additional enhancement is presenting benefit values in international (non-US) currencies.

A screenshot of an industry appraisal form using CTLA 10th edition, from TreePlotter urban forestry software.

Industry Appraisal Formulas

Coming Soon

We have expanded our appraisal module calculator to include the Trunk formula Technique and Cost Compounding Technique according to the newly updated “Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th edition” (CTLA).

6 lane highway with cars winding through a lush green forest entering a large city with skyline: Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities

Stress Index Score

In Development

We are working with The Nature Conservancy and USDA Forest Service on their Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities initiative to incorporate the stress index score for the Health Check feature of their mobile application into TreePlotter™. This is a free, optional addition to your application. To learn more about the Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities initiative, visit their website.

Additional Software Updates

Available Now

In Development

Middle aged woman, smiling wearing glasses and a blue shirt. Blonde bob haircut. Trees in the background.

Beth Corrigan

Account Manager

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about these new features, or anything else related to your TreePlotter™ application. You can contact Beth by phone at 708.683.0982 or email at

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