Tree Canopy Virtual Data Summit

A sunny summer day in a park in Texas with a skyscraper in the background. This Urban Forest Management Summit will preserve the canopy of DFW

June 5, 2020


 Texas Trees Foundation (Texas Trees) has been a leader in urban forest management since 1982. They have been a catalyst in creating a green legacy for North Texas by connecting people with trees to improve the quality of life in our cities. 


A partnership between Alliance Data and the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has granted funding to obtain canopy coverage data for much of North Texas, and to provide a tool for municipalities to better assess and manage their urban forest. 

Virtual Data Summit: How to Leverage Your Community Tree Canopy Data is scheduled for June 25th, 2020 to get data in the hands of users.

What’s This About Free Data and New Tools?


Texas Trees teamed with the analysts and software gurus at PlanIT Geo to assess tree canopy in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region and launch an online, interactive treemap. For every city in Dallas and Collin counties, baseline GIS data is now available to guide tree planting priorities, policy, management planning, and outreach. Data for Tarrant County is expected to be available by fall 2020. In addition, Texas Trees worked with PlanIT Geo to create a custom TreePlotter software application to track projects, plantings, and quantify the benefits of trees. The tool is in beta release with updates planned for summer 2020. The online tree map aids in urban forestry management and advocacy, and creates a picture of the overall urban forest in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

tree canopy assessment tree canopy data and possible planting area
Dallas, TX urban tree canopy and possible planting area
tree canopy assessment tree canopy change analysis
Dallax, TX change in tree canopy from 2009-2017

Virtual Summit on Data-Driven Urban Forest Management


Knowledge is power, and data is more important than ever to sustain urban forestry budgets. With uncertainty around COVID-19, the launch of these data and tools will be online. The event will present the existing data, ways it can be expanded on, and how it can be used to:


  • prioritize planting
  • set canopy cover goals
  • engage stakeholders
  • obtain funding
  • inform management plans


The data summit will also share details to improve management planning including tools such as online community surveys, websites, story maps, and tree inventories.

Aerial view of a nice suburban Dallas Texas neighborhood in the Autumn at sunset.

If you are a resident of DFW area, city forester, student, volunteer, tree board member, or just appreciate the shade that canopy cover provides, join the LIVE Tree Canopy Virtual Data Summit! Texas Trees Foundation and PlanIT Geo will present on the available tree canopy data, the tools for engagement, and you will learn about the next steps for the Greening of North Central Texas. 

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