We Have a New Team Member

by Rocky Yosek


I am super excited to be joining the team at PlanIT Geo™ as a Tree Inventory Technician with the Tree Inventory and Assessment Services department! I will be based out of Tucson, Arizona where I’ve been living for the last 9 years, but I also have family in the Denver area and look forward to having more opportunities to make my way up there to visit them while visiting the PlanIT Geo™ headquarters from time to time.
KL Forest Eco Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I’ve been working in the nonprofit side of urban forestry for almost a decade while directing the operations of the Trees for Tucson program. During my time there I personally planted close to 500 trees, and led and taught volunteers how to plant thousands more in local neighborhoods, parks, and public spaces. I also managed the tree distribution programs for two different energy efficiency tree planting programs that delivered and distributed trees to local utility customers where I was responsible for the selection, distribution, and customer service for approximately 50,000 trees to Tucson area residents. During my time working there I also led a tree inventory and mapping project to help advocate for more tree plantings in the community. It was that experience that ultimately led me to finding out about TreePlotter™ and PlanIT Geo™.
Rocky and his girlfriend Emily with their dogs Dolly and Dylan
I’m a big believer in the importance and value that the urban forest contributes to our environment, and I’m excited at the possibilities that PlanIT Geo’s software can offer in helping tell the story of the urban forest. I value the important work and relationships I’ve established over the years here in Tucson, but I’m also ready and excited to begin this new chapter with the team at PlanIT Geo™ and look forward to contributing to the great work that’s already been accomplished!
I look forward to meeting and working with our clients and partners.  You can reach me at rockyyosek@planitgeo.com
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