5 Ways to Win More Bids With Map-Based Software

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5 ways you will beat your competition using TreePlotter INVENTORY

We interviewed our clients who own consultancies and tree care firms to uncover the top 5 ways you will win more bids by using map-based software.


1. Visualization

Impress your customers with a digital tree inventory map with attached photos of work performed, tree defects, and their location. Then using the data collected on their property, email them a clear and easy-to-understand tree report with charts and graphs.


2. Communication

Using the data collected from the property, you can educate customers on the benefits their trees provide to increase their engagement and commitment to routine maintenance. Share a quick summary or provide them with a detailed report in just a few clicks.


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I secured a tree plan to address 210 trees of 455 in a local community. TreePlotter™ data collection enabled the dissemination of information to the client and revealed deficits from the current contractor. My bid was $30K, the competitor was $15K, and we secured the bid.

– Alfred Burt, CTSP, ISA Certified Arborist, Natural Green Landscape

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