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PlanIT Geo is a leader in GIS-based tree inventories, tree data management, risk assessments, maintenance recommendations, valuations, and mitigation reports. Since 2012, our team of ISA Certified Arborists have inventoried over one million trees across 30 states and territories, for clients ranging from small homeowners associations to massive county-wide data sets.

In addition to data delivery, we can provide insights on suitable planting opportunities designed around your budget and planning priorities. Our team also offers guidance, suggestions, and best management practices so your tree data effectively integrates with your operations.

On-Demand Webinar: The differences between tree inventories and tree canopy assessments


All collected tree data, locations, and attributes must pass strict quality assurance procedures


Our team uses TreePlotter to collect data fast and complete project on time and on budget


Visualize and evaluate your tree management needs in TreePlotter



Review your data in real-time as it is collected


All data collectors at PlanIT Geo are ISA Certified Arborists

Next Steps

Our team offers guidance and best management practices to integrate tree data into your operations

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Put Your Data To Use

Match your data to your operations


All projects can be completed using TreePlotter software to ensure delivery of the highest quality GIS data. Maintain your data in TreePlotter or your existing software, i.e. Esri ArcGIS and asset management systems.

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Proven Outcomes

Cities, campuses and private entities put their data to use


Ecosystem Benefits

Easily view the ecosystem benefits of individual trees and the entire urban forest



Prioritize removals and maintenance based on risk ratings or other attributes


Obtain valuable species diversity and composition statistics


Communicate engaging, valuable tree information to the public

Meet Our Experts

Investing in ISA Certified Arborists across the country


TJ Wood

Director of Field Services

Alejandro Espinosa de los Monteros tree inventory technician with PlanIT Geo
Alejandro Espinosa de los Monteros

Tree Inventory Technician

Alexandra Hancock PlanIT Geo Climate Consultant
Alexandria Hancock

Urban Forestry Climate Consultant

Beth Corrigan
TreePlotter™ Account Executive
Chris Peiffer
Director of Urban Forestry Consulting Services
Elizabeth Schulte
Marketing Director
Evan Sims
Director of TreePlotter™ Sales
Jack Myrna Certified Arborist and Tree Inventory Technician with PlanIT Geo
Jack Myrna

Tree Inventory Technician

Tree Inventory Technician  Judith Menzl with PlanIT Geo
Judith Menzl

Tree Inventory Technician

Lexie Anderson is a tree inventory technician with PlanIT Geo
Lexie Anderson

Tree Inventory Technician

Urban forestry consultant, Mike Martini with PlanIT Geo
Mike Martini

Urban Forestry Consultant

Nate Cummings

Tree Inventory Crew Leader

Peter is a TreePlotter Software Support Specialist with PlanIT Geo
Peter Aldag

TreePlotter™ Support Specialist

PlanIT Geo Account Executive Russell Clark
Russell Clark

Account Executive

Rocky Yosek

Field Services Operations and Account Manager


PlanIT Geo has partnered with ProArbol to offer non-invasive tree risk assessment tech


ProArbol globally pioneered the use of TreeRadar, a non-invasive radar scanner that maps, visualizes, and quantifies the root systems of trees and trunk decay. TreeRadar technology is harmless to the tree, allowing for a high volume of evaluations without any disturbance to the trees. For example, projects have evaluated over 2000 trees and used the volume and distribution of tree root systems to identify trees with higher failure potential.

Previously the only method of thorough tree root inspection involved soil excavation, although this method was rarely exercised due to the significant site disturbance. TreeRadar offers a better way to complete highly accurate risk assessments to support informed decisions on a tree-by-tree basis.

Check Out Some Recent Work

We are committed to innovation and the success of our clients

West Virginia University

PlanIT Geo completed a comprehensive tree inventory on campus

Boston, MA

Tree Inventory Project Summary

Iowa City, IA

Urban Forest Management Plan and inventory of 50,000 trees on streets, parks, trails, and facilities

Prince George's County, MD

Countywide tree inventory on 178,000 trees across 2,000 linear miles of roadway

Fremont, CA

Complete tree inventory with a full summary and recommendations. View Fremont’s trees in their TreePlotter™ INVENTORY app.

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About PlanIT Geo™

At PlanIT Geo, you’ll find a team driven by trees and technology. We are innovators and your partner in community forestry.

We are passionate about the work we do and derive purpose from helping others map and understand the value of nature-based solutions for a greener future.

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