Meet the Team

PlanIT Geo™ Executive Team

Ian Hanou

CEO and Founder


Ian manages the company’s direction, growth, and strategy while facilitating activity in our software and services development, support, sales, and alliance channels around the world.

Clayton Steneroden

Chief Technology Officer


Clayton has created our cloud-based infrastructure, implemented an open-source software stack, and made key contributions to our software architecture.

PlanIT Geo™ Staff

Carrie Asselmeier

GIS and Natural Resources Specialist


Carrie assists with urban tree canopy assessments by performing QA/QC on remote sensing land cover classification data.

Dan Benade

TreePlotter™ Project Manager



Dan creates product release strategies and assists with aligning development efforts with product vision.

Maegan Blansett

GIS and Natural Resources Specialist


Maegan specializes in preparing, analyzing, and communicating the geospatial data and processes at the core of PlanIT Geo’s urban tree canopy assessments, street tree inventories, and urban forest management plans, both interdepartmentally and with clients.

Mason Bull

GIS and Natural Resources Technician


Mason assists the Geospatial team with urban tree canopy assessments by performing QA/QC on remotely sensed canopy classification imagery.

Jacob Caggiano

TreePlotter™ Account Executive


Jacob works on the sales team, with a special talent for surfacing real challenges that matter most to our customers. He has an extensive background in software development, business strategy, and visual storytelling.

Jeremy Cantor

Director of Geospatial Services


Jeremy leads urban tree canopy assessments, tree planting prioritization, park planning, ecosystem services analyses using GIS modeling, remote sensing of multispectral imagery and LiDAR, cartography, and the creation of web and mobile mapping apps.

Andrew Carrier

Urban Forestry Consultant


Andrew draws upon his experience in military aviation project management and as a field arborist to provide expertise in his role. Andrew supports all aspects of planning projects: project management, research, consultations, community outreach, presentations, and plan writing. Andrew’s ability to implement systematic processes while seeing the big picture results in effective, impactful, and long-lasting planning projects.


ISA Certified Arborist: MW-6028A

Jared Cole

Tree inventory Specialist


Jared travels the country collecting data and assessing trees for inventories as well as contributing to GIS data quality control. He also assists with training new clients in inventory software.


ISA Certified Arborist® Municipal Specialist ISA IL-9801A

Middle aged woman, smiling wearing glasses and a blue shirt. Blonde bob haircut. Trees in the background.

Beth Corrigan

TreePlotter™ Account Executive


Beth raises awareness of our urban forest by working to bring PlanIT Geo­™ software products to new audiences.


ISA Certified Arborist® Municipal Specialist ISA IL-9090AM

Abel De La Mora

TreePlotter™ Support Specialist


Abel contributes to projects from software setup to delivery, including customization and software database management.

Charlie Flesche

Head of TreePlotter™ Support


Charlie contributes to projects from software setup to delivery, including customization and software database management.

Kim Hanou

Design and Branding


Kim leads the design and branding efforts for all company projects and materials: brochures, project reports, and software as well as website design and development.

Frank Mastrobuono

TreePlotter™ Business Development


Frank applies combined experience in both urban forestry and business development to help private, public, and non-profit organizations harness the company’s powerful technology to advance their best practices into the information age.

David McCauley

Tree Inventory Crew Leader



David performs tree inventories and assessments across the country and contributes to GIS data quality control. He can also assist in training clients, and new inventory technicians in inventory software and data management.


ISA Certified IL-9733A


Chris Peiffer

Director of Urban Forestry Consulting Services


Chris provides expertise in project management, business development, technical writing, and consultation in the areas of urban forest management and green infrastructure planning.


ISA Certified Arborist® Municipal Specialist ISA PD-2070A

Justine Petrocchi

Marketing Specialist



Justine develops and leads our promotional marketing efforts and assists in preparing for PlanIT Geo™ hosted events and industry-related conferences.

Troy Ruiz

TreePlotter™ Sales Development


Troy is responsible for identifying prospects that are a great fit for TreePlotter™ and other PlanIT Geo™ urban forestry solutions.

Elizabeth Schulte

Marketing Director


Elizabeth raises awareness of our urban forestry solutions by working with government, nonprofit, and private entities.


ISA Certified WI-1258A

Evan Sims

Director of TreePlotter™ Sales


Evan is responsible for business development of the company’s urban forestry solutions. ​


ASCA Registered #582 ISA Certified WA-9314AT, TRAQ

Carla Smart

Office Administrator


Carla uses her experience to provide behind the scenes business support, including HR, Accounting, and Business Management.

Aiden Smith

TreePlotter™ Sales



Aiden is responsible for identifying prospects that are a great fit for TreePlotter™ and other PlanIT Geo™ urban forestry solutions.

Luke Thelen

Software Developer


Luke works on TreePlotter™ Software Suite and maintains the code. He has a deep understanding of GIS and enjoys helping clients bring understanding to their data.

Ben Wittman

GIS Software Specialist



Ben manages urban tree canopy assessments, tree planting prioritization and ecosystem services analyses, multi-spectral imagery, LiDAR data, report writing, cartography, and maintenance of TreePlotter™ CANOPY applications

TJ Wood

Director of Tree Inventory and Assessment Services


TJ manages surveys and clients across the country, contributes to product development and sales, GIS data development, land cover classification quality control, urban forest and natural resource assessments, and project report compilation and delivery.


ISA Certified RM-7676A


Lisa Woody

Software Developer


Lisa works on our TreePlotter™ team with a focus on JOBS.

Rocky Yosek

Tree Inventory Specialist


Rocky works around the country contributing to tree inventories and risk assessments and assists with the development of Urban Forest Management Plans. He also contributes to product development and setup, new client training, and assists communities applying for grant opportunities.


ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist – WE-11457AM


Supporting clients around the globe

Cherry Drudge-Coates

Head of Customer Support U.K.


United Kingdom

Russell Horsey

TreePlotter™ Software partner


United Kingdom

Ben Kenyon

TreePlotter™ Software Partner



Claudio Santibáñez

TreePlotter™ Software Partner



Andres Vernengo

TreePlotter™ Software Partner


Latin America | South America

 Ghim Yew Boo

TreePlotter™ Software Partner



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