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Meet a few of our partners and clients from around the world

Our Global Partners

PlanIT Geo is Growing Relationships with Partners Around the Globe

PlanIT Geo™ is partnered with Husqvarna’s HUGSI (Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index) platform. HUGSI analyzes satellite imagery to develop greenspace metrics, such as greenspace distribution and greenspace for the over 150 global cities on its platform. This collaboration brings together the complementary strengths of HUGSI’s high-level global platform and PlanIT Geo’s TreePlotter™ software and urban tree canopy mapping expertise. Through this partnership, the HUGSI platform will be able to direct users to detailed geospatial analysis that PlanIT Geo offers using sub-meter resolution imagery as well as relevant reports, plans, and studies, to provide communities and policy leaders with actionable data and insights.

As a global leader in urban forestry, tree canopy analysis data, and associated services, PlanIT Geo is the ideal distributor for NatureQuant’s information products, and is now the exclusive provider for direct data sales. PlanIT Geo is also incorporating NatureScore™ and Nature Priority Index data into their TreePlotter™ software products as well as reports, plans, and consulting services for customers.

Both companies share a commitment to providing policymakers, urban planners, businesses, and nonprofits with innovative data to create, maintain, and improve access to nature. This partnership furthers that goal by expanding the data insights PlanIT Geo can offer clients and broadening NatureQuant’s brand awareness and market reach.

PlanIT Geo is partnered with EarthDefine to deliver tree canopy and land cover data analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning via a subscription service. Through this partnership, PlanIT Geo is able to provide clients immediate insights into trends in their canopy coverage by incorporating data provided by EarthDefine into the TreePlotter™ CANOPY software platform. The use of such new technology means dramatic reductions in cost and delivery times for canopy studies, which was traditionally a labor-intensive process performed on a project-basis.

PlanIT Geo is now offering nearmap imagery in TreePlotter apps. Nearmap is an Australian imagery and location data company. The imagery is frequently updated, has very high resolution, and as of today, our TreePlotter INVENTORY demo application showcases this newly available imagery. Some areas of the United States and Canada are surveyed two and three times a year, including vertical, oblique, and 3D.

PlanIT Geo is a proud sponsor of Season 5 of the  INTERNET OF NATURE Podcast

Our Global Clients

PlanIT Geo is supporting urban forests and clients around the world.

PlanIT geo clients

Local and State Government

City of London Corporation, England
Davis, CA
Vancouver, WA
Idaho Department of Lands
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
PlanIT geo clients

Private Industry

Melbourne Tree Care, Australia
Wachtel Tree Science, WI
Princeton University
Hansen Tree Services, MO
Onward Homes, England
Schneider Tree Care, SC
PlanIT geo clients

Nonprofit and Community

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Canopy, Palo Alto, CA
Tree San Diego
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
Million Trees Miami
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About PlanIT Geo™

At PlanIT Geo, you’ll find a team driven by trees and technology. We are innovators and your partner in community forestry.

We are passionate about the work we do and derive purpose from helping others map and understand the value of nature-based solutions for a greener future.

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