Geospatial Mapping Services

Spatial data creation, analysis, and urban tree canopy assessments

PlanIT Geo™ is an industry leader in urban tree canopy assessments, green infrastructure mapping, and web-mapping applications. We provide personalized services to communities of all sizes, federal, state, and local government organizations, and even private landowners.


Our GIS and remote sensing specialists use high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery, LiDAR elevation data, and other geospatial datasets to create land cover data. The data provides the foundation from which we derive urban tree canopy, green/gray infrastructure, and possible planting area metrics. Information is extracted from the land cover raster data and applied to various geographic planning scales to understand distributions of tree canopy, analyze correlations of canopy cover with available environmental, socioeconomic, and demographic indicators, and locate and prioritize areas for new tree plantings.


We use the most current high-resolution source data and perform detailed quality assurance and quality control on all datasets to ensure that our clients receive the most accurate, representative, and compatible data and information.



Our analysts use GIS tools and technology to provide new insights into your community forest such as the distribution of tree canopy throughout planning areas, the opportunities provided to population sectors, and how trees are used strategically to address various issues.



Complex geospatial information is transformed into powerful, visual products to help our clients garner support for urban forest development, maintenance, and funding. Traditional and web-based graphics and maps are used to convey information to broad audiences.


Put Your Data to Use

Inform your plans with detail

Quickly communicate your areas with low canopy and high planting potential, prioritize for planting or preservation, and evaluate tree canopy cover goals and ecosystem services with TreePlotter™ CANOPY.

Check out our newest deliverable, ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Proven Outcomes

Cities, campuses, and private entities put their data to use
  • Empowered urban forest managers and planners with expanded understanding of their urban forest through detailed data and information on present, past, and future landscape conditions
  • Expanded conservation and growth of the urban tree canopy and knowledge of the value that it provides
  • Guided tree planting, policy, management forecasting, and outreach through map-based tools
  • Supported land use planning and development for tree protection, open space, habitat and ecological restoration, and tree planting

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A Few of Our Clients

PlanIT Geo™ has worked with clients across the world
South Platte Watershed Natural Capital Resource Assessment

Evaluation of the regional network of green infrastructure/natural capital & the value of the ecosystem services it provides to the watershed

Assessment ResultsEPA PageInteractive App
King County Tree Canopy Assessment Initiative

Regional assessment of tree canopy cover and plantable space for 12 municipalities including tree canopy correlations with sociodemographics

Assessment Results
Colorado Springs, CO

Urban tree canopy assessment and plantable space, public opinion survey, ecosystem benefits quantification, and canopy change analysis

Assessment Results
Jacksonville, FL

Urban tree canopy assessment cover and plantable space, tree planting prioritization, report, and interactive TreePlotter™ CANOPY tool

Assessment Results

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