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how map-based software can improve your tree care company’s proposal process to win more bids

How to Bid and Win Higher Margin Work with Map-Based Software

July 14, 2021 12:00 PM MST

Join us for our LIVE webinar to learn about how map-based software can improve your tree care company’s proposal process to win more bids. Frank Mastrobuono and Evan Sims will be joined by Alfred Burt, Senior Account Manager and Tree Care Specialist at Natural Green Landscape Inc, to cover the basics of map-based software and then dive into how to use geospatial data to make clear and compelling proposals that win bids at higher margins. Instead of racing to the lowest price point, visually demonstrate how and why your company is worthy of a client’s tree care needs. Topics will include:

  • Shrinking the time between field assessment and proposal submission with cloud-based software
  • Customizing maps with color-coding attributes to highlight the top concerns of your potential clients
  •  Making the proposal process collaborative using interactive maps

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