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PlanIT Geo™ provides personalized urban forestry consulting services to achieve short and long-term goals. Your plan will be developed specifically to your needs using proven industry tools such as Urban Forest Sustainability and Management Audit, SWOT Analysis, City Staff Interviews and Consultations, Community Outreach and Engagement Exercises, Urban Forest Criteria and Performance Indicators, Measurements and Milestones, and Vibrant Cities Lab’s Community Assessment and Goal-Setting Tool.

Services include: Management and Master Plans | Project and Program Websites | Data Collection and Analysis | Canopy Action Plans | Planting Plans and Designs | i-Tree Studies | Operational and Working Plans | Ordinance and Policy Review | Tree Pest and Disease Plans | Risk Tree Plans | Fact Sheets.

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Let’s discuss your next community forestry project today.


Our team works to prepare plans by learning about your needs and desires for your community forestry program and the available tree resources


As experienced facilitators, we will navigate the numerous objectives of internal and external stakeholders


You get the most effective and useful plan to achieve maximum, long-term benefits


Your plan will build the foundation for your team members to achieve goals and implement long-term urban and community forestry management


We incorporate expectations that are mindful of limited resources and economic constraints, striving to create plans that will become working documents


As your long-term partner, we can help with your adaptive management needs over time

Our Approach

We meet you anywhere in your urban forestry journey

Long-term strategic planning can seem overwhelming and unattainable. Our team can help you from any starting point.

urban forestry consulting
urban forest management plans with PlanIT Geo

Proven Outcomes

Cities, campuses and private entities put their data to use



Improved communications, workflows, and efficiencies lead to fewer service requests


Increased stakeholder and public awareness through outreach and education


Tree management goals and strategies incorporated into city comprehensive plans bring improved efficiency to tree maintenance program and risk tree management


Incited actions to collect street tree inventory data, obtain inventory and work management software, and conduct a comprehensive urban tree canopy analysis

Check Out Some Recent Work

We are committed to innovation and the success of our clients

Community Website

PlanIT Geo completed an urban tree canopy assessment and management plan for Renton, WA. Explore the outcomes in the interactive website

Urban Forest Master Plan

Hutchinson, KS

Urban Forest Management Plan

Kettering, OH

Urban Forest Management Plan

Alexandria, LA

Strategic Urban Forest Action Plan

A guide future maintenance and management, aligned with the Tacoma, Washington Urban Forest Management Plan

Let’s discuss your next community forestry project today.

About PlanIT Geo™

At PlanIT Geo, you’ll find a team driven by trees and technology. We are innovators and your partner in community forestry.

We are passionate about the work we do and derive purpose from helping others map and understand the value of nature-based solutions for a greener future.

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