Case Study: Birmingham Tree People

Technology is the future of urban forestry.

Birmingham Tree People


“At some point we just need everybody to agree that Birmingham Tree People’s TreePlotter™ is the database of choice and that it is strong enough to offer whatever the user needs from it.”


Birmingham Tree People (BTP) is a nonprofit organization that has been doing incredible work to preserve and grow the vast urban forest of the second largest city in the United Kingdom.

Part of the challenge with a large city is the duplication of tree data as different government bodies and contractors all create their own tree databases. BTP volunteers are in the process of inventorying all newly planted street trees and use PlanIT Geo’s TreePlotter™ INVENTORY software to record their data. BTP also recently completed an urban tree canopy assessment to understand how trees are distributed within the city and to inform more targeted planting operations.

Our team interviewed Ian McDermott and Tonia Clark of Birmingham Tree People to see how tree and canopy data makes their nonprofit efforts more effective.

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Access the Birmingham Tree People Case Study

Access the Birmingham Tree People case Study

“PlanIT Geo is a unique company as they seem to understand what is needed regarding spatial data.”