Case Study: The Power of Canopy Data in Lexington, Kentucky

Numbers are moving the urban forest conversation forward in Kentucky

Urban Forest Goals in Lexington


We interviewed Heather Wilson, Program Manager Sr. – Urban Forestry at the City of Lexington, to learn how an urban tree canopy assessment and TreePlotter™ CANOPY software are being leveraged to support urban forest goals. PlanIT Geo completed an urban tree canopy assessment for Lexington, Kentucky in August of 2022.

Download the case study to see the outcomes of having urban tree canopy data on hand to back up department initiatives and how it has improved communications with council members. Lexington’s Urban Forestry Department also wanted to focus more on the health aspects of the urban forest and are using NatureScore™ data to support that priority.

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Access the Lexington, Kentucky Case Study

Access the Lexington, Kentucky Case Study

This data helps us talk to council members. It’s been great to have these numbers and graphics, to show them, LOOK, your district really needs tree canopy, and here is where and why.