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June 2024 CommuniTREE News

JUNE 2024

☑️  BLOG: A New Tool For Equitable Urban Forest Planning

☑️ UPCOMING WEBINAR: Florida Statewide Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

☑️ ARTICLE: Burn It Where You Buy It

☑️ UCFS NOMINATIONS: Would You Make a Great UCFS Board Member?

☑️ CASE STUDY: Tree Health Care Company Thrives With Software

☑️ ARTICLE: City Trees Save Lives

☑️ ARTICLE: Promoting Environmental Justice in Urban Tree Plans

☑️ ARTICLE: 91% of European cities are implementing nature-based solutions

☑️ ARTICLE: Park Proximity and Older Adults’ Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors in Dense Urban Areas

☑️ GUIDE: 2024 IRA Urban Forestry Grants

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CommuniTREE News May 2024

May 2024

☑️ BLOG: Urban Forestry’s New Benchmark: The 3-30-300 Rule

☑️ UPCOMING WEBINAR: Authors in Urban Forestry

☑️ ARTICLE: Shade Most Often Goes to the Privileged

☑️ TREEPLOTTER UPDATE: The New and Improved TreePlotter Photo Viewer

☑️ PODCAST: UNESCO Green Citizens Podcast: At the Forest School

☑️ ARTICLE: The Impact Trees Have on our Health

☑️ ARTICLE: Free Food Forests

☑️ ARTICLE: Tree-Removal Laws Must be Tightened if We Want our Cities to be Liveable and Green

☑️ ARTICLE: How Satellites and AI Ignite Hope in Canada’s Battle Against Wildfires

☑️ ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Mapping the 3-30-300 Rule

CommuniTREE News April 2024

April 2024

☑️ ANNOUNCEMENT: PlanIT Geo Announces a New COO and President

☑️ BLOG: California IRA Urban Forestry Grant Guide

☑️ UPCOMING WEBINAR: Mapping the 3-30-300 Rule for Actionable City Greening

☑️ ARTICLE: 7 Common Nature-In-Cities Myths

☑️ ARTICLE: City Launches New Tool to Preserve and Nurture Tree Canopy

☑️ PODCAST: Water Smarts Podcast

☑️ ARTICLE: Urban Forestry Roundtable Works to Cool America’s Hottest City

☑️ ARTICLE: What is a food forest?

☑️ ARTICLE: MSU Providing On-Ramp to Careers in Forestry

☑️ ARTICLE: A Radical Plan for Christchurch


CommuniTREE News March 2024

March 2024

☑️ BLOG: How Oxfordshire Utilizes Urban Forestry Data

☑️ ARTICLE: Planting Trees for the Next 100 Years

☑️ UPCOMING WEBINAR: CRM Integration & Project Management through TreePlotter

☑️ ARTICLE: Residents Protest a ‘Silent Deforestation’

☑️ ARTICLE: Train Station In The Forest

☑️ TREEPLOTTER: 12.5 Million Trees

☑️ ARTICLE: Train Station In The Forest

☑️ GUIDE: Best Time to Prune a Maple Tree: How and When?

☑️ ARTICLE: Racism and Unequal Access to Green Spaces

☑️ ARTICLE: Transforming Past Gas Station Site into Future Forest

☑️ ARTICLE: Midwestern States Consider Bans of the Popular – but Invasive – Bradford Pear

☑️ ARTICLE: Hot? Hungry?

☑️ ARTICLE: Tree Inventory Highlights Aging Trees


CommuniTREE News Februaru2024

February 2024

☑️ CONFERENCE: TreePlotter User Conference 2024

☑️ ARTICLE: What is Nature Based Social Prescribing?

☑️ ARTICLE: Atlanta Needs More Trees AND Dense Housing

☑️ WEBINAR: Planting Priorities: How Technology Informs Equitable Canopy
☑️ BLOG: The 10-20-30 Rule For Tree Diversity

☑️ GRANTS: 2024 TREE Fund Research Grants

☑️ ARTICLE: $1M Grant to Address Savannah’s ‘Tree Inequity,’ Offer Non-Traditional Job Path

☑️ NEW TOOL: Tree Equity Score UK

☑️ ARTICLE: Better Mental, Physical Health in Older People Tied to Living Near Nature

☑️ ARTICLE: Do Cities Have to be Green to be Great?

☑️ ARTICLE: Planting a Yard-Sized Urban Forest

☑️ VIDEO: How University of Kentucky Cares for Over 13,500 Trees


CommuniTREE News December 2023

December 2023

☑️ CONFERENCE: TreePlotter User Conference 2024
☑️ ARTICLE: Urban Nature Visitation, Accessibility, and Impact of Travel Distance for Sustainable Cities
☑️ ARTICLE: Finding Local Solutions to Climate Change
☑️ DISCUSSION: How Do You Incentivize Tree Preservation in Your Community
☑️ ARTICLE: Sucking up Toxins: Using Trees to Clean Up Contamination Goes International
☑️ CASE STUDY: Perceptions, Practices, and Needs of Urban Forestry: A Case Study from Tennessee, United States
☑️ STUDY: Charlottetown Experiments with Mini Forests to Speed up Growth
☑️ ARTICLE: Let Forests Grow Old to Store Huge Volume of Carbon
☑️ ARTICLE: Protecting Trees on Private Land

CommuniTREE News November 2023

November 2023

☑️ ARTICLE: A Time to Invest: Advocates Call for Tree Equity in Black Neighborhoods

☑️ ARTICLE: Verra Announces Innovative, High-Integrity Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation Methodology

☑️ ARTICLE: Discovering the Impacts of Urban Walking on Well-Being in Africa and Asia

☑️ WEBINAR: How to Prepare Shovel-Ready Projects to Maximize IRA Funding Opportunities

☑️ LISTEN: Listen to the Sounds of the Largest Tree on Earth

☑️ ARTICLE: Stabenow Restores Funding for Urban Agriculture in Senate-Passed Bill

☑️ AWARD: Elizabeth Schulte is This Year’s Urban and Community Forestry Society Award of Achievement Winner

☑️ ARTICLE: $1B Will Bring More City Trees. But It’ll Take More Than Seedlings to Grow Urban Forests.

☑️ GUIDE: What’s a nature-based solution? An explainer.

☑️ ARTICLE: Inside the 350-year-old ‘Elder Grove’ of Paul Smiths

☑️ ARTICLE: Bringing Back Trees To ‘Forest City’s’ Redlined Areas Helps Residents and The Climate

☑️ ARTICLE: A Need for Green: Cities Look to Trees to Improve Health, Climate Justice

CommuniTREE News October 2023

October 2023

☑️ ARTICLE: Setting Intentional Climate Solution Goals As A Corporate Leader

☑️ JOB OPENINGS: PlanIT Geo is hiring a COO and multiple positions

☑️ARTICLE: 10 Stories from the Earth’s Hottest Summer on Record

☑️ BLOG: Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Training and Gender Issues in Tree Climbing

☑️ COURSES: Test Your Urban Forstry Knowledge

☑️ ARTICLE: Go See Trees Challenge, A Tree-Centric Scavenger Hunt

☑️ ARTICLE: How We Brought Mistletoes Back to the Trees of Melbourne

☑️ TREES + TECH SUMMIT: Register for Trees + Tech Summit at TCI Expo

☑️ GUIDE: Urban Forestry And Heat Mitigation 101

CommuniTREE News September 2023 Trees and Tech news from PlanIT Geo

September 2023

☑️ ARTICLE: Largest Known Eastern White Pine Found in the Southern Adirondacks

☑️ JOB OPENINGS: PlanIT Geo is Hiring for Multiple Positions

☑️ARTICLE: One Neighborhood, 90 Trees and an 82-Year-Old Crusader

☑️ BLOG: Crowdsourced Urban Heat Maps Reshape Opinions and Landscapes

☑️ ARTICLE: Urban Ashes Launches the Circular UrbanWood Triconomy™ in Ann Arbor

☑️ ARTICLE: US Conference of Mayors Adopts New City Park Resolution, Urges “Robust” Federal Investment

☑️ ARTICLE: USDA Forest Service Invests $20M to Restore Forests, Reduce Wildfire Risk, and Create Jobs in 18 States

☑️ TREES + TECH SUMMIT: Register for Trees + Tech Summit in Washington D.C.

☑️ ARTICLE: Mapping Urban Heat Islands Is Helping These Neighborhoods Adapt

☑️ ARTICLE: How These Entrepreneurs Are Bringing Green Solutions To Our Cities

CommuniTREE News August 2023

August 2023

☑️ CONTEST: CommuniTREE Tree Selfie Contest
☑️ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Managing Your Urban Forest From a Statewide View
☑️ BLOG: Integrating CRM Software and TreePlotter™
☑️ ARTICLE: Texas Needs to Tackle Historic Inequalities Affecting who is Most Impacted by Excessive Heat
☑️ ARTICLE: Town of Vienna’s Trees are Unusually Healthy
☑️ ARTICLE: ICROA Endorses Standard for Urban Forest Carbon Offsets
☑️ ARTICLE: Edmonton Targets 2030 for Two Million New Trees
☑️ TREES + TECH SUMMIT: The Future of Urban Forestry conference hosted by PlanIT Geo
☑️ STORYMAP: NYC Parks’ StoryMap “Our Urban Forest”

CommuniTREE News July 2023

July 2023

Trees + Tech Summit: The Future of Urban Forestry-REGISTER NOW

Mapping Connecticut’s Understory from Outer SpaceAIPH World

Green City Awards 2024 Accepting Submissions

Your Trees Need a Little Love (and Water) During Dry Spells

The Little-Known Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Urban Trees

Creating the Right Change With Urban Forestry Funding

To Feel Less Heat We Need More Trees

Brewing a Better Urban Forest

Neighborhoods in Mass. Could Get More Shade from Trees Under New Climate Bill

Can Cities Make Room for Woodpeckers?

CommuniTREE News June 2023

June 2023

Trees + Tech Summit: The Future of Urban Forestry-REGISTER NOW

Stillmeadow Peace Park

Internet of Nature Season 5 Podcasts

Natural Climate Solutions: Linking Urban Forestry and Climate Action

Association of Tree Officers in the National Diversity and Inclusion Report

Managing Your Urban Forest from a Statewide View

PowerCorps Boston Provides Training in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

Planting Trees to Fight Pollution and Racism in Bayview Hunters Point

We’re Going to Need So Many Seedlings for the Reforestation Push

Residents are Helping Catalog Charlotte’s Shrinking Tree Canopy

TREEbune Trees + Tech newsletter from planIT Geo

May 2023

Trees + Tech Summit: The Future of Urban Forestry

The IRA Urban Forestry Grant Window Is Open A Little Longer. Go For It!

The Journeys of Black Professionals in Green Careers

Addressing the Urban Forestry Labor Shortage

Nature-Based Solutions Are Building Political Momentum

UPCOMOING WEBINAR: Tailoring TreePlotter to Meet Your Urban Greening Goals

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Managing Your Urban Forest from a Statewide View

Calgary is a City of Haves and Have-Nots

TEN Years of One Million Trees in Mississauga

New Episodes on Internet of Nature podcast

Case Study: How Longview, Washington Uses Canopy Data

Private Tree Ordinance 101

Walking in Urban Green Spaces is Better for Us

TREEbune Trees + Tech newsletter from planIT Geo

April 2023

PlanIT Geo Joins Waverock Software!

Internet of Nature Podcasts and Blogs featuring Ian Hanou, Dan Lambe, and Tobin Mitnick

Food Forests are Bringing Shade and Sustenance to US Cities

Improving Storm Clean Up

How Trees Can Play a Life-Saving Role in Our Struggle Against Extreme Weather

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: How Accurate Tree Canbopy Data Got Faster and More Affordable

ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Tree Canopy Analysis Around the World

Citizen Science in Action: Heat Island Mapping

Plant for the Future: Climate Change and Tree Selection

Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees (CAVAT)

A Creative Partnership with “Happy Little Trees”

Green Communities Leadership Institute


TREEbune March 2023

March 2023

Upcoming Webinars: Tree Canopy Analysis Around the World AND How ACCURATE Tree Caopy Data Got More Affordable and Faster

Nature and Technology: Friends or Enemies?

Canopy Preservation in the Hands of Tree Care Companies

Green Schoolyard Grants

For our Nonprofit Friends, We’ve Got a Funding Idea for You

Climate Change Threatens up to 100% of Trees in Australian Cities

Leafier Communities, Healthier Hearts

Affordable, Subscription- Based Tree Canopy Data

Advancing Design Thinking for Equitable + Sustainable Urbanism

Putting Tree Inventory Data to Use

Treebune February 2023

February 2023

Upcoming Webinar: AIMING HIGHER: Urban Wood Reuse

Seeing the Urban Forest Through the Trees: Five Best Practices for a Thriving, Equity-Driven Urban Tree Canopy

The Future of Urban Tree Canopy Assessments

Scramble For Shade: Why Cities Aren’t Planting More Trees

PlanIT Geo is hiring: GIS Manager, Urban Forestry Planners, Sales Development Representative (SDR), Software Developers, Senior Business Developer, Customer Success Representative, and Tree Inventory Technician

Community Engagement Map In Action

How Urban Trees Can Impact Wellbeing at Scale

Virtual Lecture Series: Resilient in Nature

New York City’s Greenery Absorbs a Surprising Amount of Its Carbon Emissions

Inflation Reduction Act UCF Funding Takeaways from Recent SMA Town Hall

Residential Green Spaces Can Protect Growing Cities

PlanIT Geo Reading List

TREEbune January 2023 from PlanIT Geo

January 2023

Upcoming Webinar: Social, Environmental, and Economic Values of Urban Wood

Leveraging Software for Greater Profitability

People in Portland Planted Trees. Decades Later, a Stunning Pattern Emerged

Not by Trees Alone: Centering Community in Urban Forestry

PlanIT Geo is hiring: Urban Forestry Planners, PR and Events Coordinator, Software Developers, Business Developer, Financial Analyst

Cities are Planting Trees. Why not Make Them Fruit Trees?

Flexibility in Tree Ordinances

Species Clustering, Climate Effects, and Introduced Species in 5 Million City Trees Across 63 US Cities

PlanIT Geo Reading List

The PlanIT Geo TREEbune December 2022

December 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Urban Forestry Funding

HIRING: Multiple positions company-wide

Urban Reforestation From Scratch

Horticultural Junk Food: The Vinyl Siding of the Plant Material World?

TreePlotter Update

Trees and the Impact on Academic Performance

Quantifying Urban Tree Canopy Interception

Tis the Season for a Common Debate: ARTIFICIAL vs REAL Christmas tree?

PlanIT Geo Reading List

The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

November 2022

Urban Forest Carbon Credits 101

Trees are Key to Address Boston’s Heat Islands

The Hybrid Tree That Conquered the World

Upcoming Webinar: Get in Good Grant Shape: CAL FIRE

Upcoming Webinar: Get in Good Grant Shape: Florida

TreePlotter JOBS and Quickbooks Integration

The Imagery Evolution and Urban Forestry

PlanIT Geo Job Openings

TreePlotter Support Site

He Turned His Weed-Filled Yard Into a Low-Water Jungle of Fruit Trees

PlanIT Geo Reading List

The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

October 2022

Urban Forestry Grant Resources

Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index – 2022

Live Fast, Die Young – Accelerated Growth, Mortality, and Turnover in Street Trees

Decode Municipal Tree Ordinances: Upcoming WebinarTreePlotter

CANOPY Changes

A Dataset of 5 Million City Trees From 63 US Cities

Philly’s New ‘Reforestation Hub’ Will Sell Fallen City Trees as Lumber, to Fund Planting More

Preparing For The Influx of Federal Urban Forestry Funding

Urban Forestry Guide for Nonprofit and Community Organizations

 PlanIT Geo Reading List

The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

September 2022

Saluting Branches September 28, 2022

TreeRadar: Non-Invasive Tree Risk Assessment Technology

Plant For the Future With A Sister Climate City Analysis

On a Warming Planet, Urban Trees Become Critical Infrastructure

New Rules Put Puget Sound’s Urban Trees in Private Hands

Urban Forestry Around the Globe: Upcoming Webinar

TreePlotter Update: i-Tree Eco benefits Update

Trees Are the Secret Weapon of America’s Historic Climate Bill

PlanIT Geo Camping Trip

PlanIT Geo Reading List

The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

August 2022

Profound Federal Forestry Funding

What are Urban Forested Natural Areas?

Urban Forestry in the Spotlight

Urban Forestry Around the Globe: Upcoming Webinar

TreePlotter Update: Single Sign On

Park Asset Management Made Easy

Tacoma’s Uphill Battle to Grow Urban Tree Canopy

Dive Into the Details on Our Work with Tacoma

The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

July 2022

PlanIT Geo’s 10 Year Anniversary

Green Metrics: NatureScore™ and Tree Equity Score- What’s the Difference?

Our Field Services Team Logged Their 1 MILLIONTH Tree

Small Green Spaces Can Keep Cities Cool Too

Upcoming Webinar: Leveraging the Health Benefits of Nature

TreePlotter Update: EASIER Username Filtering

Municipal Arborist Podcast: Elizabeth Schulte

Revitalizing Park Infrastructure Article


The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

June 2022

Washington D.C. Tree Report Card

TreePlotter INVENTORY vs TreePlotter JOBS

Cities Look to Trees to Combat Heat

From Canopy to Policy eBook

NatureQuant Data Integrations into TreePlotter

Study Defines Economic Benefits of Tree Care and Urban Forestry

Grants for Wisconsin


The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

May 2022

FREE PlanIT Geo Urban Forestry Guide for Governments

Advancing from Reactive to Proactive Tree Management

Five Ways Rewilding Can Help Address Climate Breakdown

New Partnership with Cobra – Netherlands

More Ways To Map-TreePlotter UPDATES

Centering Community in Urban Forestry

So You Think You’re Ready for a Management Plan – ON DEMAND WEBINAR and FREE GUIDE

Do You Have a Park Within a 5 Minute Walk?

Tree Stories With the Tree Inventory Team

Calling for Client Testimonials- Share Your Experience With Us

The TREEbune: Your Source for Tree and Tech News from PlanIT Geo

April 2022

Visualizing The Urban Forest Impacts of A Hurricane – StoryMap

Research Correlates Neighborhood Green Space And Lower Health Care Costs

20 Million ‘Right Trees in Right Places’

Instagram LIVE on April 26 – Tree Talk Tuesday

Upcoming Webinar – So You Think You’re Ready for a Management Plan

Display Raw Tree Canopy Data in TreePlotter CANOPY

One Neighborhood’s Model to Fight Climate Change

This Is How You Measure The Impacts of Nature On Public Health

On Demand Webinar-The Unique Value of Forest Patches Within Cities

National Coastal Resilience Fund 2022 Request for Proposals

Tree Stories With the Tree Inventory Team