Community Forest Management Plan

North Tonawanda, NY

Realizing the community forest is a valued asset, North Tonawanda, also known as “the City”, invested in a collaborative planning process with support from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The planning process involved extensive resource and program analysis to develop a clear, concise, and timeline-oriented Community Forest Management Plan.

The overall goal of the planning process was to develop a sustainable Community Forestry Program for the preservation and expansion of the community forest to serve the public interest by improving the community’s physical, social, cultural, and economic environment. This effort was led by the Department of Youth, Recreation, and Parks, Department of Public Works, and tree committee members, who are committed to this measured, monitored, and strategic longterm investment. The strategic planning process evaluated all aspects of a comprehensive community forestry program. Together, this team developed goals and actions to guide the City’s Community Forestry Program over the next 8 years.

The development of a comprehensive Community Forest Management Plan included an analysis of the 2021 public tree and “vacant site”—i.e. potential planting sites—inventory along rights-of-way and in city parks. Upon completion, 12,927 total trees were inventoried. This Plan complements and supports the objectives of the City of North Tonawanda’s adopted Comprehensive Plan and serves as a guide to future investment in the community forest resource.

As stated in the Comprehensive Plan: “The City of North Tonawanda shall strive to maintain the delicate balance between sustainable practices and prudent utilization of its many sensitive and protected environmental resources, while improving the link between recreation and environmental education.”


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Community Forest Management Plan North Tonawanda, New York


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