From Canopy to Policy

How To Turn Tree Canopy Data Into Effective Tree Policy

The urban forest is a key piece of the puzzle for addressing some of the top challenges facing cities today.


Urban tree canopy assessments have experienced major innovations over the last few years and canopy data is more accessible than ever before. Now that canopy data is abundant, how can we translate that information into inclusive and effective policies for equitable urban forestry? We developed this guide to answer that question, broken down into three chapters:

  • Why Canopy Data Is Important To Planners
  • How Communities Can Get Canopy Data
  • What Policies Can Be Created From Canopy Data

It’s time for every program to start measuring and mitigating the unequal distribution of urban tree canopy and all associated benefits that come with it. With canopy data as your guide, your community can enact updates to codes, ordinances, and regulations that ensure decisions made today build towards beneficial outcomes for your forest in decades to come.

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Download FREE Guide: From Canopy to Policy

Download FREE Guide: From Canopy to Policy

Research shows urban tree canopy is correlated with residential housing segregation and historic redlining practices across the United States, exacerbating the impacts of climate change and public health issues in disadvantaged communities.