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GNSS Accuracy Study

A partnership between PlanIT Geo™ and Frontier Precision was established with the goal to provide GNSS information and solutions. This study explored the integration of 3rd party GNSS receivers with data collection devices and the capability of TreePlotter™ INVENTORY to adapt to the highly accurate location provided by a GNSS receiver.

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Meet Your Presenters

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Ben Wittman

GIS Software Specialist

Ben manages urban tree canopy assessments, tree planting prioritization and ecosystem services analyses, multi-spectral imagery, LiDAR data, report writing, cartography, and maintenance of TreePlotter™ CANOPY applications

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David Siddle

Frontier Precision

Values and Outcomes

View and engage with software users and learn how they are applying GIS technology to their management and operations.
Learn strategies to communicate with clients and constituents, win bids, and position yourself as an industry leader.

Hear from PlanIT Geo™ professionals about the latest technologies and processes used to deliver efficient and accurate reports and data sets.