Urban Forestry Guide

For Local, County, and State Government

Get to know the solutions that PlanIT Geo uses to support local, county, and state governments across the country.


There is a lot that goes into running an effective urban forestry program. As a hub for urban forestry innovation, PlanIT Geo is able to provide support and guidance at any step in a program’s evolution. This guide lays out all of the solutions that we have used to help public urban forestry programs grow, improve, and adapt. The offerings are organized into five categories:

  • Budgets and funding
  • Monitoring trees and green assets
  • Systems and workflows
  • Strategic planning and policy
  • Community and tree equity

With our team of expert consultants and in-house developed software, PlanIT Geo is ready to be your urban forestry partner. If you would like to learn more about any of the solutions listed or have a more specific conversation about the needs and goals of your program, please get in touch.