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How to Prepare Shovel-Ready Projects to Maximize IRA Funding Opportunities

Did you receive an IRA award letter in September? Are you poised to take advantage of incoming funding opportunities from states and regranting organizations? Now is the time to prepare so that shovels can hit the dirt as soon as money hits the bank account.

In this webinar, Rachel Ormseth, Mike Martini, and moderator Kelly Menichini, will dive into the details to plan out how to avoid a future deadline scramble, including locking in a project scope, designing projects to plant AND sustain trees, writing better RFPs, meeting reporting metrics, and more.


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Access the Webinar

Values and Outcomes

Hear the discussion on designing projects to plant AND sustain trees.

Learn strategies to avoid deadline scrambles by having your project goals and needs ready to roll. 

Hear from PlanIT Geo experts about how to efficiently track and meet grant reporting metrics.