How TreePlotter Compares to Other Software

Unlimited Users

Scale your company without increasing your budget. Create unlimited user accounts and maintain admin control over permission levels and geographies without additional fees to easily communicate with staff and build engagement with clients.


Browser Based

Keep it simple and access your app on any device with a web browser. There is no need to break the bank on purchasing new devices on the same operating system or take up space downloading apps onto your device with browser-based software. You can also still place your app icon on your phone or tablet home screen for quick access, and you’ll never know the difference.


Work History

Never lose your tree work history! Seamlessly archive important historical tree data to serve clients better over time and create a long-term picture of services you have provided or quoted.


Custom Fields

Never be tied down to the standard data fields again. Create a customized data schema to meet the needs of your projects and client needs.



eep happy customers and a steady income stream with proactive maintenance scheduling and notification reminders. Never forget to secure that follow-up work again. Create clients, not customers.


Arboriculture Specific Tools

Our software was developed for arborists by arborists, and our super techy developers, with build-in electronic industry-specific features, such as TRAQ, CTLA Guide for Plant Appraisal (9th and 10th Edition), i-Tree eco-benefits, and more.


5-Star Support

Get multiple access points to free access to 5-star rated support and an extensive library of additional resources to resolve technical issues as quickly as possible. We will answer the phone or call you right back.

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Download FREE Guide: How TreePlotter Compares to Other Software Software

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