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Husqvarna and PlanIT Geo™ Partner on HUGSI


Husqvarna and PlanIT Geo™ Partner on

ARVADA (November 9, 2021) Husqvarna and PlanIT Geo, the industry leader in Urban Forestry mapping software, announced a new partnership today on Husqvarna’s HUGSI (Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index) platform. This collaboration brings together the complementary strengths of HUGSI’s global platform for monitoring urban green space and PlanIT Geo’s TreePlotter™ software and urban tree canopy mapping expertise. Through this partnership, the HUGSI platform will be able to direct users to more detailed geospatial analysis that PlanIT Geo offers using sub-meter resolution imagery. This will provide new insights for communities and policy leaders and support the joint mission statement of this new partnership.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Husqvarna and to promote HUGSI and the knowledge sharing purpose that it serves. Through this collaboration we will contribute data, content, and stories from clients across the globe,” said Ian Hanou, PlanIT Geo’s Founder & CEO.

“PlanIT Geo comes with great solutions, knowledge, and experience on how cities can track, manage, and form policies for their urban forests. Together we can strengthen our respective offerings and for us at HUGSI, this means we can share more insights about the tree canopy to benefit all HUGSI cities” said Erik Swan, Product owner for

Other features of this new partnership include:
● New channels for encouraging communities to participate in HUGSI and reciprocal exposure for PlanIT Geo’s TreePlotter software product suite
● Integration of urban forest data and relevant reports, plans, and studies from PlanIT Geo on the HUGSI platform
● Expert urban tree canopy data and content provided for the website by PlanIT Geo

To learn more about this partnership and its work, or for any other inquiries, contact Elizabeth Schulte at or Erik Swan at