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NatureQuant and PlanIT Geo™ Partnership


PlanIT Geo Partners With NatureQuant To Globally Distribute Nature and Health Data

ARVADA, COLORADO (February 17, 2022)  — PlanIT Geo™, the industry leader in urban forestry mapping software and consulting services, has partnered with NatureQuant, a technology firm that develops tools to assess the health benefits of nature, to distribute their innovative data insights to communities worldwide. There is a well-established link between nature exposure and longer, healthier, and even happier lives. Derived from big data and machine learning, NatureQuant has developed patent-pending technology for quantifying nature exposure and potential health benefits for any address in the United States, with planned expansions to all of North America and Europe.

PlanIT  Geo  Partners  With  NatureQuant  To  Globally  Distribute  Nature and  Health  Data

As a global leader in urban forestry, tree canopy analysis data, and associated services, PlanIT Geo is the ideal distributor for NatureQuant’s information products, and is now the exclusive provider for direct data sales. PlanIT Geo is also incorporating NatureScore™ and Nature Priority Index data into their TreePlotter™ software products as well as reports, plans, and consulting services for customers.

Both companies share a commitment to providing policymakers, urban planners, businesses, and nonprofits with innovative data to create, maintain, and improve access to nature. This partnership furthers that goal by expanding the data insights PlanIT Geo can offer clients and broadening NatureQuant’s brand awareness and market reach.

“NatureQuant data brings a unique and critical nature-based public health component to our solutions which fits seamlessly into our software and consulting services. We arethrilled to launch this new partnership and continue our mission of Mapping the World’s Urban Forests for a Greener Future.” said Ian Hanou, PlanIT Geo’s Founder & CEO.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that nature access is an essential pillar of mental and physical wellbeing. We are really excited to partner with PlanIT Geo to help enable cities around the world to start managing their green infrastructure in a way that optimizes public health and equity on a broad scale.” said Jared Hanley, NatureQuant Co-Founder & CEO.

Since 2012, PlanIT Geo has been providing cutting-edge technology and planning services for urban forestry, parks management, and arboriculture. The TreePlotter Software Suite is used by governments, nonprofit organizations, universities, and the private industry around the world. The PlanIT Geo team is driven by a passion for trees and technology, and is widely regarded as an innovator and trusted partner in urban and community forestry programs.

NatureQuant is a technology and research company that provides a suite of tools to monitor, quantify, and evaluate natural elements and exposure to nature. With applications like NatureDose™ and NatureScore™, NatureQuant seeks to improve public health through the development of strategies and interventions for the use of greenspace through innovative technology.

Contact Person: Elizabeth Schulte Director of Marketing PlanIT Geo™ 608-214-9129