Park Asset Management Made Easy

The right park asset management system can make all the difference.

With accurate and accessible data on asset locations, conditions, and work histories, you can operate more efficiently, better protect public safety, and offer a superior overall experience for your visitors. We created TreePlotter™ PARKS to be a difference maker in park asset management and assembled this guide on how to use our software platform to address common pain points in park management. Specifically, we will address these three areas:

Consolidating Assets Under A Single Map-Based System
No more transferring between multiple incongruous tools or tedious data entry from paper forms. The PARKS application works in the field or at the office and is applicable for a vast array of asset types that can all be plotted and managed spatially.

Clearer Communication
Enhance coordination between internal teams and contractors with easily accessible, geolocated information and create more compelling, data-driven external outreach.

Simplified Work Orders and Tracking
Use asset condition data to prioritize where your teams put their maintenance efforts. Open, track, and close out work orders in a system that is robust, but easy to learn and use in the field.

Mapping and managing assets does not have to be a complicated or technically intricate process. We know the faster it is for personnel in the field to learn a new tool, the more that tool gets used. Higher usage means more comprehensive data collection and an easier time tracking, budgeting, and achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We recommend working backward from your organization’s KPIs to design the system in a way that can flow directly from data collection to your end goals. However you design the platform, the end result is going to be better informed asset management and therefore better amenities and services for your community.

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Download FREE Guide: Park Asset Management Made Easy

Download FREE Guide: Park Asset Management Made Easy

“Before TreePlotter, a lot of the utilities that we were mapping were done on paper and only the most senior staff had access to those documents, or knew by memory where the utility assets were”

-Josh Reid, Forestry Coordinator at Conservation Halton