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PlanIT Geo™ and Saluting Branches


PlanIT Geo™ Donates Software for Treecare Industry Day of Service

Arvada, CO–PlanIT Geo, the industry leader in urban forestry mapping software and consulting services, is donating it’s flagship GIS tree management software, TreePlotter™ INVENTORY, to the treecare industry’s largest annual community service day, Saluting Branches. 

PlanIT Geo has donated TreePlotter INVENTORY for use at all Saluting Branches volunteer events.

On the Saluting Branches Day of Service volunteers from the treecare industry donate their time, equipment, and expertise to clean up national cemeteries around the country. This year Saluting Branches will take place on September 22 and volunteers will be gathering at 80 different national cemeteries and spend their day making these sacred spaces safe and beautiful for the troops and all who visit.

Volunteers work on a variety of projects including tree climbing, tree removals, clearing of invasives, pruning, tree planting, and mulching. As the Day of Service continues to grow, there has been an increase in non-technical arborists wishing to participate. To accommodate this growth Saluting Branches is expanding the reach of it’s projects to include more non-technical service options.

Tree inventorying is a service option for volunteers not climbing, chipping, or operating a chainsaw. Now that TreePlotter INVENTORY is available at all sites, volunteers can use tablets or smartphones to count and assess trees within the cemetery. This data is updated in real time on the TreePlotter dashboard and will provide invaluable information to site leaders and their planning for the future Days of Service. PlanIT Geo is proud to be able to participate in this day of service for veterans and their families. We applaud the great work of the Saluting Branches organization and the thousands of volunteers who are getting up early on September 22nd and spending their day honoring our nation’s heroes.

Since 2012, PlanIT Geo has been providing cutting-edge technology and planning services for urban forestry, parks management, and arboriculture. The TreePlotter™ Software Suite includes four platforms:

  • INVENTORY, an easy-to-use map-based tree inventory management system.
  • PARKS, to manage trees, grasslands, amenities, playgrounds and other assets in the company’s hallmark map-based setting.
  • CANOPY, used to spot trends and derive planning insights for a city’s tree canopy cover using satellite imagery.
  • JOBS, a map-based estimating and job management platform for tree care companies.

Current clients include Cupertino, CA, USA, Charlotte, NC, USA, Orlando, FL, USA, Seton Hall University, USA, Oxfordshire County, UK, and Manningham, Victoria, AU.

PlanIT Geo is a team driven by their passion for trees and technology, widely regarded as innovators and trusted partners in urban and community forestry programs. Passionate about their work, their team derives purpose from helping others map and understand the value of nature-based solutions to improve quality of life and mitigate climate change, all aligned with the company’s motto of “mapping a greener future.”

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