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So You Think You're Ready for a Management Plan: Webinar

PlanIT Geo’s Alex Hancock and Rachel Ormseth  share best practices to prepare for the ramp-up to the urban forest management process by presenting the steps and pre-planning needed to execute a successful urban forest management plan process.

Key takeaways will include:

  • right people
  • driving factors
  • council members
  • funding
  • setting goals
  • monitoring and adapting the plan
  • gaining momentum for your project


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Meet Your Presenters

Alexandra Hancock PlanIT Geo Climate Consultant

Alex Hancock

Urban Forestry Climate Consultant

Alex works with the Urban Forestry Consulting Services team to create management plans, set data-driven canopy goals, and help communities find urban forestry solutions.


Rachel Ormseth, Urban Forestry Consultant, PlanIT Geo

Rachel Ormseth

Urban Forestry Solutions Consultant

Rachel contributes to the consulting services through her specialization in Urban and Community Forestry programming, planning, management, and innovation with communities, big and small. She helps develop Urban Forest Management Plans tailored to the client’s specific needs.


Values and Outcomes

View and engage with software users and learn how they are applying GIS technology to their management and operations.

Learn strategies to communicate with clients and constituents, win bids, and position yourself as an industry leader.  

Hear from PlanIT Geo™ professionals about the latest technologies and processes used to deliver efficient and accurate reports and data sets.