Tree Inventory: Project Summary

Sullivan, Indiana, USA
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Sullivan, Indiana Tree Inventory

The PlanIT Geo™ Certified Arborists have conducted a tree inventory along City right-of-way, and select city properties. This survey collects important species, conditions, site observations, tree INVENTORY RESULTS AT-A-GLANCE risk assessments, maintenance recommendations, and proposed tree planting sites. Company staff of 1 arborist have collected data on 1,409 trees and proposed 567 planting sites. The most prevalent species identified is Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) that accounts for 230 trees or roughly 27% of the total tree population.

City Tree Inventory Recommendations

  • Monitor trees in poor/dying/dead condition.
  • Remove trees with high risk ratings. Consider planting trees in the 407 proposed planting sites inside planting strips.
  • Focus on planting more diverse, native hardwoods to the area like White Oak/ Shagbark Hickory, Tulip Poplar.
  • Consider removing trees severely topped from powerline exposure, and replace them with a smaller sized species.
  • Avoid planting Red Maple and Silver Maple, which already make up about 40% of total trees inventoried.
  • Educate the community about the current tree inventory population, the associated benefits, and how to properly care for their trees.

Key Insights

Total Trees Collected

Top Species: Red Maple

Species identified