Prince George's County, MD, USA

Right of Way Tree Inventory


Project Type: Right of Way Tree Inventory

Date: April 2017- November 2018

Description: PlanIT Geo’s Certified Arborists have conducted a complete tree inventory along the County’s 2,000 linear miles of roadway. This survey collected important species, condition, and even risk ratings on trees over 12″ in diameter. Company staff of seven arborists collected data on over 176,000 trees. The most prevalent species identified was Red Maple (Acer Rubrum), accounting for 43,000 or roughly 24% of the total tree population. The county uses its customized TreePlotter application to locate trees with the highest risk rating and mark them for removal. The county is also actively allocating planting efforts in lower income/high crime rate neighborhoods (TNI Areas).

Key Insights

Number of Trees

Top Species: Red Maple

Largest Tree: Northern Red Oak