Urban Forest Management Plan

Claremont, CA, USA

Over the past decade, the City’s tree canopy has suffered due to deferred maintenance and budget constraints. Additionally, our trees suffer from the rigors of urban life, including pests and diseases, the extremes of Southern California’s current and changing climate, air pollution, compacted soils, and limited growing spaces. Through increasing environmental awareness and sustainability efforts, the City has grown to realize the value of green infrastructure and the important benefits that are uniquely provided by trees. This realization has led to a revitalized emphasis on the City’s urban forest.

This long-term plan brings together existing policy guidelines, best management practices, and community planning. The Urban Forest Management Plan enforces the City’s commitment to sustainability, carbon sequestration, storm water runoff reduction, preservation and enhancement of wildlife habitats, water conservation, safe and healthy communities, and climate change. The plan must be regarded as both a long-range policy guide and a living document that will respond to changing conditions over its life.

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Urban Forest Management Plan, Claremont, California


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