Urban Forest Management Plan

Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Iowa City is dedicated to building a thriving urban and community forest for a healthy and vibrant city. Realizing the community forest is a valued asset, Iowa City, invested in a collaborative planning process, involving extensive urban forest resource and program analysis to develop a clear, concise, and timeline-oriented Urban Forest Management Plan.

The overall goal of the planning process was to develop a sustainable Urban Forestry Program, led by the Division of Parks and Forestry, which is committed to this measured, monitored, and strategic long-term investment. The strategic planning process engaged City staff, with the interest of the community, to evaluate all aspects and components of a comprehensive community forestry program. Together, this team developed goals and strategies to guide the City’s Urban Forestry Program over the next 20 years. Clear criteria and performance indicators of urban forestry and the measures to monitor progress will allow for future planning and adaptive management over the coming years with clear goals for the community set.

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Urban Forest Management Plan, Iowa City, Iowa


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