Urban Forest Management Plan: 10 Year Update

Renton, WA, USA

Realizing the urban forest is a valued asset, the City of Renton’s Community Services Department at the time, led by the Urban Forestry & Natural Resources team, invested in a collaborative planning process to update its 2009 Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) to provide the framework for the Urban Forestry Program over the next 10 years. The purpose of the 10-year UFMP is to answer the fundamental components of adaptive management: what do we have, what do we want, how do we get what we want, and how are we doing.

The Plan builds upon foundations in the Renton Comprehensive Plan, the Parks, Recreation,, and Natural Areas Plan, Business Plans, and neighborhood plans and required input from City staff, stakeholders, residents, data sources, thoughtful analysis, a coordinated vision, and time. The nearly 117,000 City street, park, and natural area trees throughout Renton are an asset that bring value and benefits to the community. Renton’s Urban Forest Management Plan focuses on the City-owned trees in public rights-of-way, natural areas, and parks, but also has implications for the trees on private property and attention to these are addressed through community outreach and education efforts.

While a plan is useful in helping educate and ensure future viability, it also will set up useful parameters for the daily operations and care of the urban forest. A fresh look at all urban forestry-related policies currently in place will bring into focus what is necessary for day-to-day activities to ensure long-term viability and safety of the urban forest. For Renton to remain “ahead of the curve” the City must proactively engage in planning for regular planting of new trees and maintaining existing trees that is guided by the urban forest vision and tree canopy cover goals.

The City of Renton Urban Forestry Program is dedicated to this vital resource and the implementation of the Urban Forest Management Plan is an effort to sustain and enhance it for all neighborhoods and future generations.

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Urban Forest Management Plan Renton, Washington:  10-Year Update


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