Urban Forest Management Plan

Tacoma, Washington, USA

We are all under One Canopy. Trees across the City—along streets, in parks, open spaces, and backyards—constitute Tacoma’s urban forest, a valuable asset that, if planned well and cared for properly, will support the health and well-being of the community for generations to come. A healthy urban forest contributes to vibrant, vital and sustainable communities, while promoting public health and safety.

The residents of Tacoma care about the place where they live, work, and play. Among the many things that make Tacoma special is its physical environment—tree-lined streets, abundant parks, natural areas, trees in parking lots and framing buildings, flowering trees in spring and fall color, trees with swings in our backyards, and trees edging streams and ponds cooling the waters for aquatic life. One of our most important responsibilities is to protect these resources and ensure that Tacoma will always be a beautiful and livable city, long into the future.

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Urban Forest Management Plan, Tacoma, WA

31,607 Acres

Tacoma Land Area

$8,918, 709

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