Urban Forest Master Plan

Hutchinson, KS

The Urban Forest Master Plan was prepared for the City’s Tree Board in partnership with the City and community residents. To support plan development, an i-Tree Canopy assessment was completed to identify existing tree canopy and areas available for tree plantings. PlanIT Geo completed a Tree Planting Prioritization task analyzing planting areas by determining the feasibility and prioritizing these areas based on: socio-demographic data, air quality improvement, energy savings, and stormwater reduction. These priorities are provided on the neighborhood, census tract, and census block group levels to assist the City in preserving and enhancing tree canopy—guided by the UFMP. The UFMP also includes an assessment of the urban forest resource and program, community engagement recommendations, criteria and indicators for management, management for urban forest equity, and recommendations for shared maintenance responsibility. The urban forest assessments and findings informed short- and long-term goals that are guided by actions, responsible department(s), and an implementation timetable.

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Urban Forest Master Plan Hutchinson, Kansas


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