King County, WA, USA | 15 Cities

The King County tree canopy assessment (TCA) analyzed urban tree canopy (UTC), possible planting areas (PPA), and the relationships between tree canopy and various environmental, socioeconomic, and demographic factors for 15 cities in King County, WA. Additionally, for 5 Cities tree canopy change was analyzed over a 6 to 10-year period.

All cities covered in the assessment were provided with results assessed at several geographic scales, individualized detailed project reports, and a county-wide TreePlotter™ CANOPY application. This project provided the cities involved with data and tools to develop strategies aimed at protecting trees, identifying areas in need of tree canopy benefits, and expanding canopy coverage in natural and urban areas.

We have chosen Kent, Washington as an example of the work conducted across the county. 

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Kent, Washington Insights

21,995 Acres

Total Study Area


Tree Canopy Cover

5,323 Acres

Possible Planting Area