Titusville, Florida, USA

Titusville’s Urban Forest

In 2021, Titusville had 42% urban tree canopy cover and 27% possible planting area, not including surface water bodies which do not support trees without significant modification. The City’s total land, including water bodies cover contained 35% tree canopy, 6% shrubs, 20% other vegetation; 3% soil/dry vegetation; 20% impervious surfaces, and 16% water. Titusville’s 7,685 acres of tree canopy provide a multitude of economic, environmental, and social benefits, valued at just over $5.2 million annually, as well as $47 million in carbon storage.

Of the 23 study area zones in Titusville, Zone 23 had the highest canopy cover at 74% (see Figure 11 on page 10). This zone (located southwest of the Space Coast Regional Airport) contained 1,022 acres of canopy making up 13% of the City’s total canopy cover. Zone 2 contained the greatest potential for canopy expansion, offering 564 acres (30% PPA by area and 12% of the City’s total plantable space). Across Titusville’s 47 stormwater basins, unnamed SJ (St. John) basin made up 55% of City’s land area and contributed the greatest amounts of UTC (59%) towards the citywide canopy total. This basin also had the highest percent tree canopy cover (45%) within its boundary. PPA percent was highest within the Harrison-Washington Basin with 84% of its land area
available for tree planting.

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