Wilsonville, Oregon, USA

Wilsonville’s Urban Forest 

In 2020, Wilsonville (city and UGB) had 25% urban tree canopy cover and 30% possible planting area, not including any surface water bodies within the city. The City’s urban tree canopy percentages above are based only on land area since water bodies are not suitable for planting new trees without significant modification. However, land cover percentages were calculated within the total area of interest, which includes water bodies. The City’s total land cover contained 25% tree canopy, 32% non-canopy vegetation; 3%soil/dry vegetation; 38% impervious surfaces, and 3% water. Note due to rounding this total exceeds 100%. The 1,468 acres of tree canopy in Wilsonville provide a multitude of economic, environmental, and social benefits, valued at just over $1.5 million annually, as well as $12 million in carbon storage. Wilsonville’s equitable distribution of tree canopy, surface temperatures, and socioeconomic factors were evaluated based on American Forests™ methodology to derive a Tree Equity Score. Wilsonville had a citywide Tree Equity Score of 78. A score of 100 means that the City has achieved tree equity.

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Tree Canopy Cover in 2020


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