On Demand Webinar

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

How to create and improve your urban forest with readily available and easily communicated data.

Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of why measuring your urban forest is important, how it is done, and what actions you can take to improve the greenness of your city through the tool covered during the webinar.

Measurement is often the first step toward meaningful action. This webinar will look at how advances in urban greenspace analysis tools are providing cities with insights. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of why measuring urban greenspace is important and how that information is collected. The webinar will also cover what actions can be taken to improve the greenness of cities with urban forestry data, including compelling communications, advocating for budget increases, community engagement, and attracting funding.

This urban forestry webinar was hosted by HUGSI (Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index).


Meet Your Presenters

Close up of man with red hair and beard standing outside on a sunny day

Ian Hanou

PlanIT Geo™ CEO and Founder

Ian started PlanIT Geo after 11 years of private consulting. He manages the company’s direction, growth, and strategy while facilitating activity in our software and services development, support, sales, and alliance channels around the world. In 2011, the Society of Municipal Arborists presented Ian with an Award of Achievement.

close up of a man with dark hair standing in front of a tree

Chris Peiffer

PlanIT Geo™ Director of Urban Forestry Consulting Services

Chris provides expertise in project management, business development, technical writing, and consultation in the areas of urban forest management and green infrastructure planning.

ISA Certified Arborist
Municipal Specialist ISA PD-2070A

Erik Swan

Director, Digital Business Exploration at Husqvarna Group


Values and Outcomes

View and engage with software users and learn how they are applying GIS technology to their management and operations.

Learn strategies to communicate with clients and constituents, win bids, and position yourself as an industry leader.  

Hear from PlanIT Geo™ professionals about the latest technologies and processes used to deliver efficient and accurate reports and data sets.