What we can Learn from Charlotte's Urban Forest: eBook

How Charlotte developed their globally premier urban forest and what other cities can take away from their experience

Charlotte, North Carolina has our attention. It deserves yours too.


Charlotte has won the top prize on the Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI) for two years running. By a multitude of metrics, Charlotte has a world class urban forest. In this eBook we explore what exactly the city has been doing so well when it comes to urban forest management. After detailing the history of Charlotte’s urban forest and the eBook focuses on three key areas of innovation:

  • Adaptive Planning
  • Informed Management and Maintenance
  • Committed Community Engagement

The extensive urban tree canopy has long been the crown jewel for the “Queen City”. However, a surging population over the last three decades is creating a serious challenge for the urban tree canopy. These conditions make Charlotte a  excellent case study for how to maintain urban tree canopy in the face of rapid development.

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Download eBook: What We Can Learn from Charlotte’s Urban Forest

“The second model [small parcel conservation] is really exciting. That is going to come by building pocket park type spaces, but also having a high emphasis on tree canopy. We’re going to really squeeze in tree canopy in places where it naturally probably wouldn’t be long term.”

-Tim Porter, Chief Urban Forester, Charlotte

Download eBook: What We Can Learn from Charlotte’s Urban Forest